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An Article can and should be divided into different sections/headings to break up the text and organize the content. If a page has more than three section, a "table of content (TOC)" is automatically generated. To add headings: 

1. Highlight the words to create a heading.

add a heading

2. Click on the option "Paragraph Format" in the toolbar and choose the desired heading format. Headings follow a six-level hierarchy format with heading 1 the largest and heading 6 the smallest.

add headings

3. The heading will appears in a predefined height.

Note: If you choose any heading formats from heading 1 to heading 4, a line will be inserted automatically between the heading and the body text. However, if you choose either heading 5 or heading 6, no line will be added.

add headings

4. If there are more than three headings, a table of content is automatically generated. 

Add headings


  • If you want to force the table of content to be always shown regardless of the number of headings, you can put the magic keyword "__FORCETOC_" anywhere on the page and a Table of content will appear.
  • Conversely, the magic keyword "__NOTOC_" will suppress the "Table of Contents" if placed anywhere within the page.

To put both the magic keywords, switch to " Show Wiki Text Editor" Option.