Administration and Finance Officer – Haiti

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Administration and Finance Officer – Haiti

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Job title
Administration and Finance Officer – Haiti
Clean Cooking Alliance

  • Haiti
Latin America and Caribbean
Type of job
temporary contract

Language of description
Job description
[[Job description::Position Overview

The Administration and Finance Officer is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day implementation of operational and financial processes governing the Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market project. He/she will establish and implement financial systems for field office and Project accounting, including procurement, payroll, transfers, compliance, and reporting to local authorities, the Clean Cooking Alliance/UN Foundation, and Global Affairs Canada. The Administration and Finance Officer supports the Country Director in Project planning and implementation and will administer and play a key role in successfully executing and maintaining effective and accountable processes and procedures. He/she will collaborate closely with the technical officers across the Project and with members of the Operations team at Alliance headquarters. Expertise includes project management, Project finance and budgeting, donor reporting requirements, compliance, administration, grants and contracts, procurement, and logistics.

Essential Functions

  • Provide oversight for all policies, procedures, activities and staff in finance, administration, security, travel, transportation, IT, communication, procurement, HR and the upkeep of office space and equipment;
  • Provide the Country Director with financial and operational guidance to support the efficient and compliant implementation of Project activities. Identify problems and issues for resolution in a timely manner;
  • Liaise with Clean Cooking Alliance staff in Washington D.C. and UN Foundation staff;
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of Project budgets, providing updates, modifications, and analysis;
  • Ensure that all activities are implemented in accordance with Global Affairs Canada’s financial and contractual regulations and the Clean Cooking Alliance and UN Foundation policies and procedures.
  • Assist Project teams in managing partnerships and activities and develop related tools and systems to support implementation;
  • Provide training and technical assistance on financial and grants management as needed to Project staff, grantees, and other implementing partners;
  • Supervise Project support and administrative staff;
  • Participate fully and proactively in team meetings and other events and contribute to a positive and collaborative workplace;

General Operations:


  • Provide operational oversight of office operations to ensure a safe, efficient, and functioning environment.
  • Supervise asset management, inventory processes, and procedures;
  • Oversee office procurement and maintenance of equipment in accordance with Global Affairs *Canada’s regulations, contract requirements, and Clean Cooking Alliance and UN Foundation policies;
  • Review and approve purchase requests and purchase orders within the established limits per *Clean Cooking Alliance and UN Foundation policies and procedures;
  • Ensure that all supporting documentation is in order before they are approved;

Human Resources

  • Ensure that timesheets for all local staff are completed and approved;
  • Maintain Local Hire Employee Manual, developed for Haiti office;
  • Ensure compliance with all Project legal requirements (employee taxes, local labor laws, etc.);
  • Provide overall support and direction to assure that the most qualified staff are hired, and that staff are supported and properly onboarded;
  • Ensure that the Clean Cooking Alliance/UN Foundation adheres to relevant labor requirements and policies;
  • Incorporate progressive HR concepts and ensure performance assessments are conducted for every staff member and consultant, and reports filed as required;
  • Other duties may be assigned;


  • Liaise with in-country accounting firm and support staff;
  • Create, implement, and monitor local internal controls in accordance with UN Foundation’s existing policies for accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of Project financial records and reports;
  • Provide expert financial and budgeting analysis (including pipeline analysis) to the Country Director, including a monthly report on actual and projected expenditures per budget line item;
  • Ensure that field expenses meet with Clean Cooking Alliance/UN Foundation policy and procedures, and Global Affairs Canada’s rules and regulations as they apply to Project operations; demonstrate the ability to use sound business judgment in assuring that all costs are reasonable and necessary for the completion of the Project goals;
  • Ensure that all project expenses incurred are paid for on a timely basis;
  • Submit monthly field accounts to HQ; and oversee the timely and accurate preparation and submission of monthly cash flow requirements, and reconciliation reports, in coordination with the Clean Cooking Alliance/UN Foundation;
  • Assist in preparing for annual UN Foundation financial audit and periodic donor audits. *Maintain documents and accounting records per audit and record retention requirements;
  • Liaise with bank personnel and officers, track cash balances of each bank account, deposit returned funds and client payments, and track wire transfers to/from program accounts;

Selection Criteria

We seek applicants with an interest in and ability to proactively manage multiple requests and jump in where needed. We seek candidates who can cultivate effective working relationships with people, internally and externally, from a wide variety of types of organizations, cultural backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

Most of all, we are seeking the following qualities which are fundamental to success, including:

  • Advanced degree in a field of study relevant to the Project- finance, business administration, accounting;
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience in field pertinent to the project;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing and implanting donor funded programs of the complexity, size and scope to the Haiti Cookstoves and Clean Energy Market Project;
  • Demonstrated experience in program administration, financial oversight, financial reporting, award contractual compliance, and sub-award management;
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge in managing finance and compliance aspects of large donor funded projects. Experience with Global Affairs Canada is preferred;
  • Expert knowledge and proficiency in the use of financial software applications, databases, spreadsheets; and/or word processing. Packages include Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, and Word;
  • Capacity to produce high-quality briefs and reports in both French and English;
  • Excellent communicator, able to synthesize and convey complex information clearly;
  • Strategic planner with ability to design and implement systems to achieve long-term vision;
  • Ability to identify areas of improvement in processes, policies, and procedures;
  • Commitment to facilitating a culture of learning across program teams;
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative while working within a team, and to develop and maintain effective working relationships with Alliance teams and UNF staff;
  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships across a wide range of functional expertise, organizations, and cultural backgrounds, in a demanding and fluid work environment;
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