Bioenergy: People and Processes

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In order to ensure a good planning of a bioenergy project, it is important to define the roles of the various actors engaged. In this section, deeper background knowledge is provided on some of the people-process systems that are important in the design and implementation of a bioenergy strategy.

Participation of Stakeholders

Creating Synergies between citizens and the State is essential for moving policy from paper to the ground. In order to do so, active participation and commitment by key stakeholders is required. The various aspects of stakeholder participation are reviewed here.


The role of governance for the support of more sustainable bioenergy strategies via approaches to reform or the effects of power balances are reviewed here.

Community Engagements in Projects

What steps are necessary for building community engagement when designing a bioenergy strategy? Sometimes, local communities have difficulties maintaining their positions when they are affected by medium to large-scale bioenergy projects, which they likely are when living in the vicinity of the project. In this section, important steps for the building of community engagement are reviewed.


The section MMRE continues the discussion on MMRE initiated in the Implementation section.

Further Information