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Categorize an Article

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Categorize an Article


Categories help to consolidate articles into relevant themes and make it easy to browse related articles. For example, this list consist of all articles on hydro energy that are available on energypedia.

All pages on energypedia should be categorized! This is essential for the functioning of the wiki and provides some structure and guidance for the users. To categorize an article:

1. Open the article in edit mode. Go to the bottom of the article and click on the arrow next to "Categorize the article".

Categorize Articles.jpg

2. The following box will open. The right part of the box shows existing categories, which can be added to the respective article by clicking on the "+" sign next to the category name. The left part of the box shows categories which have been added to the article. They can be removed by clicking the "-" sign next to the category name.

If you are looking for a category, which is not yet existing, please type the preferred name into the field below.

By clicking on the "save" button, your categories will be added to the article or file.

Categorize Articles1.jpg

Categorize Files /Pictures

Please categorize all pictures and documents uploaded on energypedia using the instructions described above.

Linking to Category Pages

For information on linking to category pages, please see: Link to Category.