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Communications Expert

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Job title
Communications Expert
WISIONS for Sustainability & Wuppertal Institute
  • Germany

Type of job
temporary contract
Energy Access
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Job description
Gathering experience in research and practice of the core topic "sustainable energy solutions" both on the local level and in the global South (in the context of global development goals such as SDG 7) has accompanied the project work of the Wisions Initiative for 15 years. Over the past years, WISIONS has been able to collect a considerable number of success stories in this field and to build up a global network of research and practice. This has resulted in a very high information content, which needs to be reprocessed and communicated so that these "success stories" are given greater prominence in external presentations (website, press releases, news, social media, webinars, etc.). are being made. In the last decade, the importance and attention of the core topic on international international stages have increased extremely. Also, the amount of organizations that serve the topic serving the topic from different perspectives has grown continuously, making the communications landscape more complex and intense. As part of a realignment of the initiative, a new communications concept is to be implemented that will create an expressive presence for the WISIONS initiative an expressive presence in this changed landscape. landscape.

For this purpose, we are searching for an experienced communications expert with excellent English language skills to develop a brand new communication concept for the WISIONS initiative as well as supporting the WISIONS team in the field of communications. We require the expert to have necessary references in at least one of the following fields:

Social Media communication; science and research communication; international cooperation, sustainability or energy access.

End of applications will be 10 June 2021. Please note that the tendering platform as well as the documents are in German language, but your application documents should be written in English. Details about salary can be found in the documents attached to ELVIS.
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