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Firefly 5 - no longer available

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Basic Information

Prod firefly 5w.jpg Data Entry Date:
Firefly 5 - no longer available details.html?prod=fire5w
Produced by: Barefoot Power ()
Made in:
Barefoot Power

Company Quality Management Certificates:

Product Information

Price (bulk)
Price (single) 13.5 USD
Delivery quantity
Operating manual Yes
System Warranty 1 year

Notes: "Price (single)" retail price Uganda 2012 35.000 UGX = 13.5 USD


Chasing material Thermosetting Plastic
Type of battery Nickel-cadmium battery
Type of PV-panel polycrystalline
Material of encapsulation glass-laminated, alu-frame
Charge controller Yes
Protection against deep discharge of battery Yes
Protection against overcharge of battery Yes
Protection against short circuit
System voltage 5V


Type of bulb Light-emitting diode (LED)
Luminous flux 327 lm
Operating hours with fully loaded battery 4.7h
Daily hours of operation 4.7h

Notes: "Luminous flux" and "Operating hours" are measured on highest setting

Additional Features

Additional features 2 light settings

Test Results

Testing organization Lighting Global Quality Assurance
Test link

This page belongs to the PicoPV Database.

This product has been superseded by the Firefly Mini and is no longer available from Barefoot Power