Kalindiza (Dedza East) (Cookstove DB)

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Establishment/Project Data

Kalindiza (Dedza East)
Type: Production centre (portable stoves)
Start: Year establishment started business 2014/10/15
Technology: Chitetezo Mbaula (Clay)
ICS produced: 28,660 ICS sold: 25,000 Date: 2017/10/09
Employees (total): 0|.|,}} Female: 0|.|,}} Male: 0|.|,}}
Programme: Programme under which establishment is active Concern Universal


Chitetezo Mbaula Malawi.jpg

Location Data

District: Dedza
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TA: Kachindamoto
GVH: Kafulama
Village: Kalindiza
Road: Accessibilty/Road (Distance in KM to primary road) 1.5 km
District information
Area in sq. Km:
Tree cover (%):


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