MENAREC 5 (Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference)

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The MENAREC 5 Declaration

The MENAREC 5 Opening Film



Speakers & Presentations

The MENAREC 5 Speakers

Day 1 - 15th of May 2012

Plenary session 1.1 - Opening Ceremony

Plenary session 1.2 - Renewable Energy: Prospects and challenges of regional cooperation

Workshop 1 - What are the policy options for an accelerated deployment of renewable energy in the EU-MENA region?

  • Chairman: Mr. Mustapha BAKKOURY, President of the Management Board, MASEN, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mrs. Christine LINS, Executive Secretary, REN21: Global Renewable Energy Policy Perspectives
  • Mr. Steffen ERDLE, Expert, UfMS Energy Division: The MSP Process: Helping Create Sustainable Energy Markets in the Mediterranean Area
  • Mr. Mario RAGWITZ, Deputy Head of Competence Center Energy Policy and Energy Market, Fraunhofer ISI, Federal Republic of Germany: European exper iences in designing policies for renewable energy: Where do we stand today?
  • Mrs. Amel BIDA, Acting Executive Director, RCREEE: RE policy development in the MENA region
  • Mr. Toufik MOULINE, Director General, Royal Institute for Strategic Studies, Kingdom of Morocco: Quel cadre d’interactions et de synergie pour réussir l’intégration euro-méditerranéenne en matière d’énergies renouvelables ?


Workshop 2 - Traing, R&D and innovation: How to allow for technology acquisition in the MENA region?

  • Chairman: Mr. Galal OSMAN, President, World Wind Energy Association
  • Mr. Badr IKKEN, Director, IRESEN, Kingdom of Morocco: Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies
  • Mr. Robert PITZ-PAAL, Co-director, DLR Institute of Solar Research, Federal Republic of Germany: enerMENA - Towards a Sustainable Implementation of Solar Thermal Power Plants Technology in the MENA
  • Mr. El Habib EL-ANDALOUSSI, Deputy team leader, PWMSP: The EU funded project "Paving the Way for the MSP" Knowledge Transfer / Capacity Building
  • Mr. Albrecht TIEDEMANN, Expert, RENAC, Federal Republic of Germany: Innovative formats for further education in the sector of Renewable Energy
  • Mr. Tahar SAHRAOUI, Head of Studies, Director General of the Ministry for Higher Education, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria: Projet de Coopération Scientifique Algéro-Allemande La Centrale Solaire Thermique en Tour 


Workshop 3 - How to allow for industrial integration and job creation in renewable energy projects in the MENA region?

  • Chairman: M. SQUALLI, Président, Association Marocaine des Industries Solaires et Eoliennes (AMISOLE)
  • Mme FATIMI, Ministère de l'Industrie, du Commerce et des Nouvelles Technologies, Maroc: Energies renouvelables : L’intégration industrielle au coeur de la stratégie énergétique nationale 
  • Mme Rabia FERROUKHI, Senior Expert, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA): REValue: Renewable Energy Jobs 
  • Mme Ulrike LEHR, Expert, GWS Gesellschaft fuer Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung: Création d’emplois dans le secteur des énergies renouvelables en Tunisie 
  • M. Ilias HAMDOUCH, Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), Maroc: Intégration industrielle : composante clé du Plan Solaire Marocain 
  • M. Luis CRESPO, President, European Solar Thermal Electricity Association (ESTELA): Macroeconomic impact of Solar Thermal Electricity Sector in Spain 
  • M. Thierry de MARGERIE, Président, Alstom Maroc
  • M. Jonathan COONY, Expert, Banque Mondiale, The Worldbank: The Moroccan Climate Innovation Center (CIC)  
  • M. Jorge Servert del RIO, CEO, STA Solar and Mme. Paz Nachon LOPEZ, accenture: Competitiveness Assessment of MENA countries to Develop a Local Solar Industry
  • Mme Georgeta VIDICAN, Senior Researcher, German Development Institute (DIE): Enhancing domestic capabilities in renewable energies in MENA: Supporting private sector development and employment 


Workshop 4 - For a sustainable development through renewable energy in the MENA region: what kind of sectorial integration?

  • Chairman: Mr. Hani EL-NOKRASCHY, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DESERTEC Foundation
  • Mrs. Myriem TOUHAMI, Programme Manager, UNEP: RE integration into Sectoral Plans (case study PROSOL) and Barriers to RE Applications in the MENA Region
  • Mr. Said MOULINE, Director General, ADEREE, Kingdom of Morocco: For a sustainable development through renewable energy in the MENA region : what kind of inter-sectorial integration is needed?
  • Mr. Kurt WIESEGART, Project Manager, MEDENEC: MEDENEC II
  • Mr. Cedric PHILIBERT, Senior Analyst and Solar Energy Expert, IEA: An integrated approach to renewables
  • Mr. Brahim BENHAMOU, Director Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Laboratory, Cadi Ayad University, Kingdom of Morocco: Air Refreshment by Passive Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Mrs. Nada ROUDIES, Director of Regulation, Development and Quality, Ministry of Tourism, Kingdom of Morocco: La durabilité au coeur de la Stratégie du Tourisme Marocain ‘Vision 2020’ 


Workshop 5 - State of the art of renewable energy technologies and suitable otpions for the MENA countries

  • Chairman: Mr. Said BELCADI, President, MASCIR, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mrs. Ute SCHNEIDER, International Projects, JUWI, Federal Republic of Germany: Renewable Energies - A cost effective alternative for Morocco
  • Mr. Abdelkarim GHEZAL, ANME, Republic of Tunisia: Etude Stratégique du Mix Energétique pour la Production d’Electricité en Tunisie
  • Mr. Albrecht KAUPP, Senior Expert, GIZ: RE Technology Options for Electricity Generation: Where are the markets for relative competitiveness?
  • Mr. Ignacio MUÑIZ, Managing Director, SMA, Federal Republic of Germany: PV Inverter Technology for the new markets and challenges
  • Mr. Klaus-Jürgen RIFFELMANN, Director R&D, FLABEG, Federal Republic of Germany: Ultimate Trough®: The new parabolic trough collector for CSP
  • Mr. Soucihi OGAWA, Deputy General Manager Director, Solar Frontier K.K., Japan: CIS Photovoltaic Business in the World
  • Mr. Michel GEYER, Director, ABENGOA, Kingdom of Spain: An Overview of International CSP Developments: Market, Technology and Policy 


Day 2 - 16th of May 2012

Plenary session 2.1 - Renewable Energy: Financing

  • Chairman: Mr. Ahmed NAKKOUCH, CEO, NAREVA, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mr. Jonathan WALTERS, Director for Regional Strategy and Programms in the MENA Region, World Bank: Financing MENA Solar Energy – EU/MENA Trade is Fundamental
  • Mr. Kurt HILDEBRAND, Division Chief Climate and Environment MENA, KfW, Federal Republic of Germany: Financing Instruments for RE – the German Context and the Neighbourhood Investment Facility of the EU
  • Mr. Abderrahman EL-GLAOUI, Director Regional Office Rabat, Islamic Development Bank: RENEWABLE ENERGY FINANCING
  • Aurélien BOYER, Investment Officer, Internation Finance Corporation, World Bank Group: IFC’s Approach to Financing Renewable Energy in MENA
  • Mr. Philippe LOREC, Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement, France: Financement des projets solaires 


Plenary session 2.2 - Prospects and challenges for a regional EU-MENA grid and market integration

  • Chairman: Mr. Ali FASSI-FIHRI, Director General, ONE, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Mrs. Jamila MATAR, Head of Energy Department, League of Arab States: RE and EE in the MENA region
  • Mr. Olivier SILLA, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission Directorate General for Energy: Towards a Mediteranean Energy Community
  • Mr. Marc STRAUSS, Expert, UfMS Energy Division: L’intégration des réseaux et des marchés euro-méditerranéens dans le contexte du Plan Solaire Méditerranéen 
  • Mrs. Silvia PARIENTE-DAVID, Senior Energy Specialist MENA Region, World Bank
  • Mr. Thorsten MARQUARDT, Director, Dii: “Desert Power 2050” and Pilot Project Win-win for MENA and Europe
  • Mr. Reda CHAAR, Business Development Manager, ACWA Power, United Arab Emirates: Road Towards A Sustainable Solar Industry In MENA A Case Study; Concentrated Solar Power in Morocco


EIDOS Summary of the Conference