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MHP Ocote Tuma

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Name of the site: El Plan
Country: Nicaragua (GPS Coordinates: ?)
Turbine Type: Pelton
Power Output: 24 kW
Project Status: in operation
Comments: -

Operation Data

Gross Head: 200m
Net/Design Head: 200m
Flow (design flow): 20 l/s
Comments on flow variation during the year: Problems with flow during dry season.

Technical Information

Comments: General Technical Comments on the Project

Civil Works and Penstock

Dam construction material: Concrete
Dam Dimensions:
Storage Volume Reservoir:
Sedimentation Basin material: Concrete
Sedimentation Basin Dimensions:
Penstock Length:
Penstock Diameter at Beginning:
Penstock Diameter at End:
Penstock Changes of Diameter:
Penstock Material: PVC
Security Valve:

Electromechanical Equipment


Turbine Type: Pelton, 1 injector
Turbine Diameter:
Turbine Material:
Turbine Manufacturer: Nica Bosch (Contact: company does not exist any more)
Potencial (nominal): 24 kW
Rated Head:
Rated Flow:
Rated Speed:
Runaway Speed:
Shaft diameter and material:
Direction of Rotation: clockwise
Orientation of Shaft: horizontal


Generator Manufacturer and Model: Stamford
Phases: 3
Potencial (nominal):
Nominal voltage:
Nominal Speed:
Frequency: 60 Hz
Isolation Class:

Mechanical Transmission / Coupling

Type of Belt:
Belt Manufacturer:
Distance between Pulleys:
Diameter of Generator Pulley:
Diameter of Generator Pulley:

Control System

Control System Manufacturer and Model: Thomson and Howe Energy Systems, J2
Type of Control: Load Control

Electrical Transmission

Mini Grid: yes
Connection to national Grid: no
Grid Voltage:
Diameter of Conductor:
Transformer Rating:

Economic Information

Developer: (Contact: )
Start of Construction:
Date of Commissioning:
Ownership / Operation Model:
Tariff structure:
Connected Housholds: 25
Connection Cost Cost to be covered by houshold:
Overall Project Costs:

Project Photos


Control System El Plan.JPG
Penstock El Plan.JPG
Turbine El Plan.JPG
Runner 2 El PLan.JPG
Dam el Plan.JPG