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Market for PicoPV

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The market for PicoPV systems is constantly growing:

PicoPV products in Bolivia
  • More than 100 firms are offering PicoPV products in developing countries today[1] and new products are introduced almost daily[2].
  • Additionally, a fast growth is expected due to the fact, that a decrease of prices for solar components, such as solar panels and LED's is forecasted.
  • With regard to the huge demand for mobile phones in developing countries, almost a solar boom is expected in order to recharge the mobile phones with additional applications. Furthermore, additional applications, such as refrigerators and small TV's will increase attractiveness of PicoPV systems.[2]

Further Information

The following articles give an overview of the recent market and activities for a further market development:

Market Trends in the PicoPV sector and the role of Development Cooperation


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