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[[File:Webinar banner.png|border|800px|alt=Webinar banner.png]]
[[File:Webinar banner.png|border|800px|alt=Webinar banner.png]]

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Mini-Grids Webinar Series:

“Mini/micro hydro and the universes of grid interconnection, productive use and the types of mini-grid technologies

Webinar Series

Renewable mini grids are one of the widely discussed options for providing energy to those areas where the energy demand is not met or where the grid-extension is not a cost effective solution. However, in the general mini-grid dialogue, micro/mini hydropower often does not play an important role despite its huge potential in South and Southeast Asian countries. Many of these micro/mini hydropower systems are either based on “productive end use” as enhanced water mills (e.g. Afghanistan) or are successfully developed from hydro mini grids to grid-connected systems (e.g. Indonesia, Sri Lanka). As a proven technology with a long track record, micro/mini hydropower is in the focus of this webinar series, but still with a view at other technologies to analyze similarities and differences.

This webinar series will focus on the three highly relevant key topics: grid interconnection, productive use of electricity (PUE) and the distinction between different types of mini-grid technologies.

The main objectives of this webinar series are:

  1. to get relevant information from practitioners and other experts in the above mentioned key topics (mainly based on case studies)
  2. to create awareness on up-to-date developments, barriers and opportunities
  3. strengthen the “Renewables-community” by supporting a fruitful exchange on differences and commonalities of mini-grids based on different resources

Register for the webinar: 

1st webinar:Grid Interconnections

Register for the Webinar 

A significant number of mini grids built worldwide for rural electricity supply (particularly during the last years) will sooner or later face the “problem” that the national grid comes closer and closer. Whether this is then really a serious problem or rather a big opportunity for the community will depend on a number of parameters.

This webinar is the first in series of three webinars on mini-grids, with focus on grid interconnection. The  webinar will include examples from countries like Indonesia and Sri Lanka where– at least in some cases – mini grids based on mini hydropower systems have been successfully connected to the national grid and even benefited the local community. For each of the two country cases, local experts will describe how mini grids have developed in their country during the last years, their characteristics, what happened when the grid arrived as well as the current conditions for grid interconnection (e.g. feed-in tariff, technical requirements and economic aspects).


will be announced soon

2nd webinar:Productive Use of energy

coming soon

3rd webinar:Mini-grid types

coming soon



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