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Welcome to the Energy Access Portal

The Energy Access portal provides an overview of the information on energypedia related to Energy Access. Look for specific topics, latest articles or uploaded documents and announce upcoming events.

Overview on Energy Access

  • Defining Universal Access

International Goals

Current Situation and Predictions

Demand on Energy Access

Technology Options for Energy Access

Policy Framework for Electricity Access

  • Institutions Involved in Energy Access
  • Role of Regulation in Energy Access
  • Link to new regulation portal when done (FIT, regulation)
  • REFERENCE: Standards for Improved Stoves (coming soon)
  • Renewable Energy Initiatives

Planning Energy Access

Financing and Scalable Business Models for Energy Access

  • Financing Energy Access

Financing RE

Impacts of Climate Change

  • Differences of Rural and Urban Energy Access

Impact on human life

Impact on development

Climate Change and Energy Access

Impact of Access on Emissions

Climate Finance for Energy Access

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Role of Monitoring

Tools and Methodologies

Case Studies on Energy Access

Energy Access Resources

  • External Resources
  • Energydata.info - open data platform providing access to datasets and data analytics
  • Florence School of Regulation online course
  • WAME website

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Energy Access Events

8 December 2021
Global Off-Grid Solar Finance Summit

23 May 2022
5th International Conference on Energy Production and Management 2022

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