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Portal:Financing and Funding

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This category serves to develop further the knowledge and resource base on the competencies concerning financing and promotion of energy access.

Welcome to the Financing and Funding Portal

Renewable Energy Finance

  • Energy Economics - Basics
    • Energy
    • Technology
    • Basics of electricity generation
    • Economics of electricity generation (generation, distribution, grid, regulation,electricity market)
  • Global Investment Trends
    • Renewable Investment
    • Renewables versus Fossil Fuels
  • Project Financing
    • Key Issues
      • Projects Finance versus Corporate Finance
      • Typical Structure of a RE Project
      • Financial Structuring
    • Risks
    • Financial Modeling
    • Key Indicators
      • Project Finance Cover Ratios
  • Basic Technical Calculations???
    • Energy
    • Economics
    • Emissions

Financing Structure

  • Financing Instruments
    • Financial Instruments
    • Public Finance Instruments
    • Barriers to Investment
    • Development Finance Institutions
    • Latest Developments in International Renewable Energy Finance Architecture
  • Community Ownership
  • Purchase Power Agreement (PPA)
  • Host-Lease Agreement with Developers
  • ...


Articles To be Categorised

Tendering (concessions, auctions) Competitive Tendering (concessions, auctions)


Projects & Workshops

  • On-site
  • Utility Scale
  • Wholesale Distributed


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers on EnDevs RBF


External Links

Renewable Energy Financing Directory

  • (Directory of lending institutions)??

Latest Financing and Funding Articles

Financing and Funding Events

Articles Needing Attention

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Missing Articles

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