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Clean Energy Business Model Manual.
Published in
November 2018
Decarbonisation of energy, primarily electricity – known as decarbonising the grid – is essential for cities to achieve their 1.5°C trajectory; without decarbonisation of the grid, C40 cities will miss their targets. Cities have an essential role to play in increasing clean energy deployment by setting decarbonisation goals, aggregating demand for renewables, electrifying urban energy consumption, and improving demand-side management. This manual focuses on business models and financial mechanisms that can assist cities in achieving these goals. However, there are many financial, information, social and regulatory barriers that can be overcome through the use of innovative business models and financial instruments. This manual explores business models and financial instruments and presents their administrative and financial structure, suitability for various regulatory contexts and market conditions, advantages, and disadvantages, and provides examples and case studies from C40 cities.