Publication - Discrete Power Converter (DPC) as hydro-mechanical model of relaxation oscillator for educational purpose.

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Discrete Power Converter (DPC) as hydro-mechanical model of relaxation oscillator for educational purpose.
Alexander Kornich
Published in
November 2016
The non-traditional (unlike water wheel) prime mover powered by gravity force and based on the invention of the original mechanism/simple machine - Discrete Power Converter (DPC). It converts the initial potential energy of flowing masses as working medium (water, free-flowing and granulated masses) into motion power.

In contrast to the water wheel as continuous rotating mechanism DPC operates in economical discrete mode: it has accumulated stage and working stroke, which are repeated alternately, as mechanical self-oscillator. Mass has to be moved through DPC from a natural or artificial sources that always are located at a higher level. It does not cross flow and does not need high dams. DPC is ecologically "clean" source of mechanical energy without any fossil fuel or electricity. As gravity powered prime mover DPC has two kinds of output motion. The first is back and forth motion of two working rods, executed in the vertical plane. The second is rocking motion of the shaft, executed in the horizontal plane. Thus these motions can be applied to carry out a useful work. The different mechanical loads are hooked up to the shaft or to the rods of DPC simultaneously what gives the advantage to DPC in operating. As result, DPC can drive directly mechanisms operating in rocking and back and forth modes as water powered piston pumps or air compressor, another applications are the pump storage, pressing, cutting, punching, sifting, and mixing for various materials in the different technological processes. All these applications can be accomplished just by means of gravity force and different flows of working medium: traditional (as water) and alternative (as slurry, gravels, sand, grain, etc.).

Therefore DPC is very attractive for local decentralized small powering systems in the Renewable Energy area.