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Renewable Energy: A Gender Perspective
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Rabia Ferroukhi, Michael Renner, Divyam Nagpal, Celia García-Baños, Bipasha Barua, Adrian Whiteman, Anindya Bhagirath & Christine Lins.
Published in
January 2019
The idea for this report dates back more than five years, to the publication of IRENA's first Renewable Energy and Jobs study. The report included a full chapter dedicated to gender to contextualize this vital dimension of renewable energy employment. Since, IRENA's annual reviews on jobs have featured updates on gender data, providing a glimpse into the promising interplay between renewable energy and gender.

TO bring a greater understanding of this interplay, the present report introduces a comprehensive gender perspective into the analysis of the renewable energy sector and the ongoing energy transformation. Supported by a global survey and literature review, the study explores the role of women, their opportunities for employment in the sector and the challenges they face.

Across the globe, the findings confirm, women increasingly attracted to renewables. This multi-disciplinary sector employs a larger share of women compared to the conventional energy field. But like in other fields of work, women still encounter numerous obstacles, from the lack of equal access to education, training, mentoring, professional networks and finance, to the glass-ceiling in companies or institutions.