Quality of PicoPV Systems

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Experience in development cooperation shows that one thing must be avoided at the outset: that users of cheap and inadequate devices should become so disillusioned that the entire technology is discredited.

Therefore, quality control is one of the most urgent tasks. This could be achieved via a simple, two- pronged approach:

  • cooperation between test labs, institutes and universities to apply the simple testing procedures developed by Fraunhofer institute with funding from GIZ and WBG,and
  • national awareness campaigns for PicoPV among private and public sector, as well as future users. [1]

Already accomplished Laboratory Tests in order to evaluate the PicoPV systems are as follows:

  1. GTZ. 2010. What difference can a PicoPV system make? Early findings on small Photovoltaic systems - an emerging low- cost energy technology for developing countries