Senior Associate, India Program

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Senior Associate, India Program

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Job title
Senior Associate, India Program
New Delhi
  • India
Asia and Pacific
Type of job
permanent contract

Policy and Regulation
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Job description
As a Senior Associate, the work will be critical to the success of the India program. The incumbent will focus primarily on leading, planning, implementation, and day-to-day execution of our Cold Chain project, which seeks to enhance energy efficiency policies of the cold chain, and they will be expected to contribute technically and managerially to other programs across the portfolio as and when required.

While working closely with other team members, the incumbent will be expected to independently develop and provide technical expertise on agriculture cold chains, support project implementation and project management activities on the Cold Chain project, while also providing broad-based support to other projects in the portfolio. The incumbent will engage with many external partners, including with Government agencies, prepare and review reports, conduct research and analysis, develop and make presentations, and coordinate with other CLASP team members in India and abroad primarily in support of their cold chain project and, as required, on other projects. On several aspects of the program, the incumbent will also contribute to CLASP’s programs and projects throughout South Asia, as technical or managerial need arises in programs in other countries.

As Senior Associate, the incumbent will be expected to develop advanced technical expertise in several aspects of the program, most notably and beginning with cold chains. They will represent the expertise within CLASP and engage with external stakeholders on the subject as required. The incumbent will help develop thought leadership on relevant aspects of the project and contribute towards the program’s expansion and sustainability through support on proposals and fund raising.

The Senior Associate will work closely with CLASP’s program team members in New Delhi, and in collaboration with national and international partners, and other key stakeholders.
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