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|Product name=Solata
|Product name=Solata
|Product website=
|Price (bulk)=16.38
|Price (bulk)=Tanzania:11,50€ Burundi: 26 €
|Notes_ProductInfo=Price (bulk): Price in Burundi: 37, price converted (EUR to USD, 04.04.11)  
|Price (single)=
|Operating hours=4
|Delivery quantity=
|Daily hours of operation=6
|Notes_Lamp=Operating hours with fully loaded battery: 4-15
|Operating manual=
|System Warranty=
|Chasing material=
|Type of battery=
|Type of PV-panel=
|Material of encapsulation=
|Charge controller=
|Protection against deep discharge of battery=
|Protection against overcharge of battery=
|Protection against short circuit=
|System voltage=
|Type of bulb=
|Luminous flux=
|Operating hours=4-15 hours
|Daily hours of operation=6 hours
|Additional features=

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Basic Information

Solata.jpg Data Entry Date:

Produced by: D.Light ()
Made in:

Company Quality Management Certificates:

Product Information

Price (bulk) 16.38 USD
Price (single)
Delivery quantity
Operating manual
System Warranty

Notes: Price (bulk): Price in Burundi: 37, price converted (EUR to USD, 04.04.11)


Chasing material
Type of battery
Type of PV-panel
Material of encapsulation
Charge controller
Protection against deep discharge of battery
Protection against overcharge of battery
Protection against short circuit
System voltage


Type of bulb
Luminous flux
Operating hours with fully loaded battery 4h
Daily hours of operation 6h

Notes: Operating hours with fully loaded battery: 4-15

Additional Features

Additional features

Test Results

Testing organization
Test link

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