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Wiki Workspaces

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Did you join the international development community to read e-mails and look for information?

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True, we need IT to communicate, coordinate and manage our daily tasks. But do you use the right IT solution that really solves your unique problems?

We, the developers of energypedia, are development practitioners ourselves and understand that your work in this sector requires an appropriate software solution that is flexible, economic and fair. Software should not be yet another time-killer, but should save time for what really matters in our jobs.

This is the reason why we developed energypedia. Our software is the perfect tool-kit for results-based monitoring, reporting, knowledge management and more. Our software ...

  • is very flexible,
  • follows an open approach,
  • is designed for organizations and projects in the field of development cooperation
  • helps you to manage your data in a single user-friendly system.

An internal workspace within energypedia is a password protected wiki area which allows your working group, project or organisation to make your teamwork more efficient. Any owner of a workspace can determine who can get access to the respective wiki.

The software behind energypedia is called MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a powerful knowledge and project management software for projects and organizations. Knowledge is key. However, essential knowledge is often either implicit knowledge of individuals shared only in direct communication or is scattered and “hidden” in emails and files.

Our software helps you to coordinate your team and to quickly find the information that you are looking for. There is a better way than emails to share publications, lessons learnt, workshop results and new ideas: In our IT toolboxyou find a wide range of applications to tackle challenges of project and knowledge management. You can mix & match those tools that you need.

To get a closer look at our software, you can request a free brochure with all the details here, or simply request a free guest account here, and test the software by yourself!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in your own Wiki Workspace!

Mix and Match

 Our Wiki is a combination of a normal wiki with additional tools designed for specific knowledge and project management needs. With our energypedia wiki you can share information with stakeholders and work collaboratively on given topics. Furthermore, thetools allow to work in structured knowledge databases and workflows. These additional tools for project management, monitoring and reporting allow you to make your work even more efficient and time-saving. Mix and match exactly thosefeatures that you and your team need!

WebMo: Web-based Monitoring System to structure M&E data management and reporting. Stakeholder Management System to keep track of your project's contacts, meetings and decisions. Grant Management and Monitoring System to administer your grant application process.
Project Database to create synergies and learning effects between similar projects. Publications Database to share documents and make them searchable by key information. Absence and Event Calendar to openly share absences and interesting events.
Joint Agenda to allow for transparent preparation and documentation of meetings. Event Preparation to support logistics, agenda definition and documentaion. To-Do Lists to assign tasks and responsibilities and monitor their progress.

General Features

Create and edit as many wiki pages as you need using a user-friendly editor. Track all changes that were made on your wiki page from creation date until today. Upload pictures and files or insert videos and maps.
Tag or categorize the content of your wiki pages with key words to increase its searchability. Limit access to pages which should not be seen or edited by a specific user or user group(s). StarWiki is available in several languages.

Offered by energypedia (non profit)

The workspace would be a part of energypedia. That means that all prospective users of this internal workspace have to register with and will then be granted acces to their workspace. To determine who can get access to the respective wiki the owner has to inform the energypedia team by sending a list of energypedia users who should be granted access.

Offered by energypedia consult

The nonprofit organisation energypedia founded the commercial subsidiary company energypedia consult. Energypedia consult is a young enterprise that is specialized in IT-solutions in the field of development cooperation also offering internal workspaces. Furthermore, we offer consultancy services in basic energy supply, monitoring and evaluation as well as public relations. Profits of the consult contribute to the financing of energypedia.

How to proceed when I am interested?

You are interested in working with a wiki within your organization,then just contact us ( Give a detailed description what the wiki is used for and what you expect from it. We will then contact you with offers of wikis that meets all your requirements.

We are looking forward to your request!