Event - Clean Energy Workforce Preparation for an Inclusive Green Economy

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Clean Energy Workforce Preparation for an Inclusive Green Economy
Empowering People
Online Seminars
  • Impacts
  • Climate Change
  • Policy and Regulation
  • Renewable Energy

2023/04/26 3:00 PM CET
2023/04/26 CET
  • Worldwide
The Empowering People Initiative from the Clean Energy Ministerial invites you to a Solution Summit. By attending, you will hear expert speakers and receive key resources and opportunities to support the successful transition to a clean energy economy. Over forty countries are participating. The information is crucial to reduce the worst impacts of climate change.

After the event, attendees will be able to accelerate more comprehensive workforce and green economy policies and programs. Speakers are from International Energy Agency, Global Wind Organization, International Renewable Energy Agency, and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.

This Summit will include useful policies, programs, and strategies to help governmental staff prepare their countries for a robust clean energy economy with a skilled workforce.

Please forward this to: -Governmental staff at the following areas or ministries in your country: education, labor, industry, economic development, and social affairs and well-being. Staff not included in the workforce or green economy issues are welcome to foster coordinated efforts. -Allied stakeholders from industry, labor, nonprofits, education plus local governments to help accelerate implementation.

-Colleagues from other countries since the event is open to all countries.