Opportunity - Call for applications: EcoPhi Provides Three Monitoring Boxes to Social Solar and Water Projects for Free

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Call for applications: EcoPhi Provides Three Monitoring Boxes to Social Solar and Water Projects for Free

In solar and water pumping systems, inverters and controllers as the central units of the system already collect important data about your plant. Although these data are valuable for the operation of the systems, it is sometimes difficult to have access to them. With the EcoPhi Inverter Box, you can easily read, transfer and visualize this data. The EcoPhi Inverter Box is plug-and-play and quickly installed and is able to read out a wide range of inverters and controllers. This way you can efficiently monitor your system remotely without complicated sensors and installations.

The Inverter Box comes along with a login to the EcoPhi platform. Comprehensive status reports and technical details provide both non-experts and specialists with important system information. In this way, the system can be checked for technical functionality and performance from all over the world. In the event of problems with the system, you will automatically receive alarms and notifications, which enables you to react directly and increase the uptime of your system.

With your application you have the chance to receive one of our Inverter Boxes with access to our online dashboard for free. This gives you the opportunity to track your system from anywhere at any time.

EcoPhi is a young company from Karlsruhe, Germany, offering remote monitoring solutions for solar plants and drinking water systems in rural regions in developing countries. Our goal is to make solar and water systems more sustainable with our solutions, because often it is only small technical faults that can lead to long shutdowns and failures.

Organizations, companies or individuals with a social project can apply quickly and easily for one of the Inverter Boxes from 07.06.-28.06.2021 via our application form at: https://www.ecophi-engineering.com/en-gb/free-monitoring .