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The Steve Sawyer Memorial Award
Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

The “REvolutionaries: The Steve Sawyer Memorial Award” recognises the contributions of young pioneers of renewable energy in developing countries, in honour of the life’s work of Steve Sawyer. Winners work in the frontiers of the renewable energy revolution in their respective countries, in the public sector, private sector or civil society.

The “REvolutionaries” award is centred around three main pillars which reflect the values and mission of Steve Sawyer. The “REvolutionaries” award has a different regional focus for each annual program cycle, reflecting Steve Sawyer’s global footprint and lasting impact on the worldwide renewable energy community. In 2020, the programme will award a recipient whose work targets a country or countries in Africa.

Winners will receive a comprehensive prize package emphasising investment, study and thought leadership.

In 2020, the program will focus on renewable energy leaders in Africa, working in the public sector, private sector or civil society. Applicants must work in, or their work must target, one or several countries in Africa (countries in Africa to be defined by membership of the African Union).