Publication - VENRO statement "One year of war in Ukraine: What is important now"

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VENRO statement "One year of war in Ukraine: What is important now"
Published in
February 2023
Even a year after the escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, there is still no end in sight to human suffering. Around 40 percent of the Ukrainian population is dependent on humanitarian aid, and millions of people are displaced inside and outside the country. The civilian population is suffering from the ongoing violence and targeted attacks on civilian infrastructure, such as health and education facilities, as well as energy and water supplies. In view of the devastating consequences of the ongoing war, VENRO calls for an immediate end to all violence against the civilian population and the civilian infrastructure. The Federal Government must work to ensure that international humanitarian law is observed by all parties to the conflict. Humanitarian access to all those affected, especially to people in contested areas, urgently needs to be improved. It is also important that Ukrainian civil society organizations take the lead, both in humanitarian aid and in reconstruction efforts. Given the multitude of humanitarian crises around the world, political attention to Ukraine must not lead to other crises being given less priority.