Webinar Series: Statuesque and Market Potential of Off-grid Renewables in Mozambique

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In 2019, only 30% of the total population of Mozambique had electricity access while 5% had access to clean cooking fuels and technologies[1]. However, Mozambique has a huge RE potential i.e. 23,000 GW of solar energy[2], 12,000 MW of hydro energy[3], 4.5 GW of wind potential and 2 GW of biomass energy[4]. Thus, off-grid renewable solutions have the potential to bridge the energy access gap and achieve country-wide electrification and access to clean cooking.  

Against this background, energypedia is organizing a series of webinars on selected RE technologies such as solar home systems, improved cookstoves, mini/nano grid and solar powered irrigation. Based on demand and interest from the Mozambican energy sector, the webinar series will/can be expanded to include other productive uses of energy.  

The aim of this webinar series is twofold: promote knowledge creation and sharing on selected RE technologies (mentioned above) and highlight the experiences (both success and failure case stories and learnings) from the sector to prevent duplication and inventing of the wheel. The case studies featured during the webinars will also feed into the “Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub”.

Webinar 2: Solar Powered Irrigation Systems for Small-scale Farmers in Mozambique – Status and Opportunity for the Sector

Este webinar, irá destacar o presente estado dos sistemas de irrigação à base de energia solar (SIES) em Moçambique, com informações chave sobre os intervenientes envolvidos, a dimensão do mercado, desafios, bem como as oportunidades para o sector. Durante a sessão, a Fundação Practica irá apresentar as conclusões obtidas no seu último estudo sobre o Potencial da Irrigação Solar em Moçambique, seguido de considerações técnicas para o planeamento dos SIES. A Energypedia também irá apresentar o "Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub" que foi recentemente lançado, os outros recursos e ferramentas técnicas para SIES.

This webinar aims to highlight the status of solar powered irrigation systems (SPIS) in Mozambique with key insights into the stakeholders involved, market size, challenges as well as the opportunity for the sector. Practica Foundation will present their findings from the latest study on the Potential of Solar Irrigation in Mozambique followed by technical considerations for planning SPIS. Energypedia will present their newly launched “Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub” and other technical resources and tools for SPIS. This webinar is organized by energypedia and is funded by the GIZ programmes Green People’s Energy for Africa and Energising Development Mozambique to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the Mozambican energy practitioners.

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Berry van den Pol

Berry van den Pol is a farmer-led irrigation specialist who started working with Mozambican farmers about ten years ago. He joined Practica Foundation in 2013 as a project engineer responsable for testing the technical and socio-economic fit of solar irrigation technologies. Berry aims to share lessons learnt and increase sustainable access to technologies. In 2021, Berry realised a market study on solar irrigation pumps in Mozambique funded GIZ, which he will present during the webinar..

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Marion Cuisin

Marion studied Agronomy and Rural Development. After her studies she joined the irrigation team of Practica, and now provides technical assistance to several projects in East and West Africa. She helps local partner organisations with the technical design and planning of small-scale irrigation systems (SPIS), monitoring and evaluation, and the access to markets of irrigation technologies. In 2021, Marion designed and prepared trainings on SPIS for technicians, end-users and teachers in Ethiopia and Ghana. With a strong understanding of both farming systems and communication, Marion has developed a range of tools to provide practical and accesible information to farmers and technicians on solar powered irrigation, including decision-making guides, a serious game, and many training exercises. Familiar with the challenges related to the design of SPIS, she will present the technical considerations to take into account for planning SPIS based on the potential of SPIS in Mozambique, presented by her colleague, Berry van den Pol.

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Ranisha Basnet

Ranisha has more than 6 years of experience in the renewable energy sector focusing mainly on developing countries. Her expertise lies in energy research, project management and developing knowledge products (webinars, database and knowledge portals). She has also worked as an energy consultant for different international organizations. She has a masters degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management and a Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies.

Webinar 1: State of Play: Solar Home System (SHS) Market in Mozambique

This webinar aims to provide a snapshot of the solar home system (SHS) market in Mozambique and features a panel discussion with the private sector. In the first part, energypedia will launch the new Mozambique Off-grid Energy Hub on energypedia.info. The second part will feature panel discussion with solar companies who will share their experiences, opportunities and challenges for scaling up the SHS sector as well as the way forward.

This webinar is the first of a series focusing on off-grid technologies in Mozambique. It is organized by energypedia UG in collaboration with AMER. The aim of the webinar series is twofold: promote knowledge creation and sharing on selected RE technologies, and highlight the experiences from the sector to prevent duplication and re-inventing of the wheel. The information featured during the webinars will also feed into the “Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub”.

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  • Solar Home System Market in Mozambique


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Funded and developed in collaboration with the GIZ programme Green People’s Energy for Africa to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the energy practitioners in Mozambique.

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