Advisory Support on Resource Mobilisation Benchmarking

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Advisory Support on Resource Mobilisation Benchmarking

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Job title
Advisory Support on Resource Mobilisation Benchmarking

Type of job
consultancy contract

Financing and Funding
Language of description
Job description
Scope of Work and Objective

SEforALL seeks to contract external advisory services via a short-term consultancy to provide insight into fundraising approaches and practices in comparable organisations where there has been a demonstrated rate of growth, with consideration given to different models of fundraising available, and the investment of time and resources required for success of each model.

The review must encompass information to answer three questions:

1. Level of funding: How much investment in fundraising is needed to ensure that SEforALL fulfils its ambitions? What kind of returns on investment should be expected over a defined time frame? 2. Targeting: What sort of funding model(s) should SEforALL pursue and what type(s) of funders should they prioritize? E.g.

  • Public sector funding (bilateral approaches)
  • Public sector funding (responding to tenders and RFPs)
  • Philanthropic (foundations and trusts) funding
  • Philanthropic (high net worth individual) funding
  • Private sector partnerships and sponsorships
  • Individual giving (including online donations, planned giving, crowd funding)

What factors do they need to take into consideration, for example, but not limited to: timescale and returns from each type of funder?

3. What kind of investment: How best to deploy internal resources directed towards fundraising? What should the division of roles and responsibilities be between professional fundraising staff and technical/thematic experts? What kind of skills, experience and networks do staff need?

As part of this, the consultancy is required to provide information on:

  1. Characterisation of different comparator organisations and funding: overall growth; rate of funding; type of funding; source of funding and more
  2. Approaches to fundraising: identifying and targeting donors; timeframe; resources devoted to fundraising
  3. Staffing: number of staff; knowledge, expertise and networks of key staff and more.
  4. Systems and processes that underpin growth and maintenance of fundraising: including but not limited to: what is used by each organisation; resources needed to establish and maintain systems and processes
Further details:
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