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Categorize an Article


Categories help group articles or any other publications into relevant topics, which makes it easier to browse the content. For example, this list consist of all articles on solar energy that are available on energypedia.
All pages on energypedia should be categorized! This is essential for the functioning of the wiki and provides some structure and guidance for the users.

Helpful categories are, for example: technology such as solar, hydro, cookstoves; energy use such as cooking energy, productive use; or cross-cutting issues like financing and funding, energy access, climate change, etc. In addition, if the article or publication refers to a specific country/countries, this country/countries should be tagged, too. If it is a case study, please use the respective category.

To categorize an article:

1. Open the article in edit mode. Go to the top of the article and click on the three-bar symbol. Then click on "Categories".

2. The following box will open. Below "categories" are the categories already assigned to the article. To add a new category, click on "add a category" and write a new category. Automatic suggestions will be made to help you make the best choice. Select the suggested category of your choice. When you have finished, click on "Apply changes" and then on "Save changes".

Categorize Files /Pictures

Please categorize all pictures and documents uploaded on energypedia using the instructions described above.

Linking to Category Pages

For information on linking to category pages, please see: Link to Category.