Electrifying Health Centers in Mozambique

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Access to health services is a basic human rights but lack of or unreliability of the electricity supplied hinders the running of heath centers in many developing countries.This also has a gender effect as in many countries women are asked to bring their own candles or source of lighting in case of delivery at night. This comprises the health services offered as well as imposes economic stress on families who might already be cash-striped. Thus, access to reliable electricity is key for running live-saving health appliances, cold storage of vaccines, reliable lighting at night and other health services.

In mostly off-grid areas or areas where the electricity supply is not reliable, renewables can serve as an alternative to provide reliable source of energy. This articles outlines some of the case studies from Mozambique about how renewables are powering the health sector.

Power-Blox Electrifying 42 Health Posts in Gaza, Inhambane, Manica and Zambézia

In 2020, GIZ in collaboration with Power-Blox electrified 42 health posts in Gaza, Inhambane, Manica and Zambézia using solar systems. Power-Blox also installed solar powered water disinfectants for providing clean water and disinfecting surgical equipment, befitting the patients and healthcare professionals.[1]

SolarWorks! Powering 92 Health Centers in Sofala

As part of the Power Africa Initiative, USAID awarded a grant of USD 320,000 to install solar PV systems in 92 health centers in Sofala, Mozambique in May 2021. SolarWorks!, the grant awardee, will install systems with a total capacity of 55.2 kWp and a storage capacity of 220.8 kWh. Each of the 92 health systems will have enough power to meet key energy needs like lightning, phone charging and running equipments like vacuum aspirator, CD4 machine, microhpone, gynecological examination lamp and computer lamp.[2]

The grant from USAID will cover the O&M cost for one year[2] and SolarWorks will then cover the cost for the next 5 years.[3]


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