Energy and Health Consultant – Rwanda

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Energy and Health Consultant – Rwanda

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Job title
Energy and Health Consultant – Rwanda

  • Rwanda
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
consultancy contract

Humanitarian Energy
Language of description
Job description
Scope of Work and Objective

Under the supervision of SEforALL’s Programme Manager for Powering Healthcare, the role of the Consultant will be to help implement SEforALL’s Powering Healthcare initiative, with a focus on providing country-level advisory support in Rwanda.

The Consultant will lead the development of a ‘Powering Healthcare Market Assessment & Roadmap’ (the “Roadmap”) in Rwanda. The Roadmap is expected to provide the Government and its development partners with a data-driven plan for electrifying the country’s underserved health facilities. To develop the Roadmap, the Consultant is expected to carry out several activities, including:

1. Research, Coordination, Analysis

  • Stakeholder/Intervention Mapping
    • Map all relevant stakeholders (public sector, donors, development partners, private sector, civil society) and their respective roles in the electrification of health facilities (health posts, health centres, hospitals) in Rwanda.
    • Document past, ongoing, and planned electrification interventions in the health sector.
  • Facility Mapping
    • Identify datasets and visualizations that map the location of all health facilities through GIS (e.g. health facility master lists, UNDP feasibility study for 1000 HP project and GIS tool, World Bank, Global Electrification Platform, JRC Clean Energy Access Tool)
    • Log/Cross Check (where feasible) the electrification status of health facilities based on available data and information.
  • Energy Needs Assessments
    • Evaluate recent energy audits and technical energy needs assessments for a sample of health facilities to inform the type and design of appropriate energy systems for archetype climate-resilient facilities at different levels of healthcare (focusing on health posts and health centres).
    • Assess the availability of electricity-dependent medical and non-medical appliances, and the opportunity for introducing energy efficient appliances to increase energy demand.
  • Technology and Cost Assessment
    • Evaluate and propose standardized technical system designs for different tiers/types of health facilities to ensure access to reliable electricity, for the purpose of country-level investment analysis.
    • Analyse costing (capex and opex) based on current technology pricing and cost evolutions.
  • Financing and Delivery Model Analysis
    • Analyse existing and potential funding/financing levels and sources for the electrification of health facilities and associated O&M activities to ensure long-term sustainability.
    • Evaluate the feasibility and appropriateness of different delivery models (e.g. service-based approaches, PPAs, … ) for scaling up the electrification of health facilities, with an emphasis on sustainability.

2. Report Development & Dissemination

  • Develop a report with key findings and practical recommendations for large-scale electrification interventions of health facilities in Rwanda, targeted to Government stakeholders and their development partners, covering:
    • Size of the energy gap in healthcare sector
    • Appropriate technical solutions (supply and demand)
    • Funding and financing gaps (CapEx and OpEx), and opportunities for innovative delivery models including results based financing and impact investment.
    • Practical recommendation for public agencies (MinInfra, Ministry of Health) and their development partners to significantly scale up health facility electrification interventions
  • Develop and implement a dissemination strategy with the aim of validating the report and mobilizing buy-in from key stakeholders from the energy and health sector.

In addition to the development of the Powering Healthcare Roadmap for Rwanda, the Consultant may be requested to support several related activities, including but not limited to:

  • Analysing innovative business models for health facility electrification, including through *detailed case studies, desk-based research, stakeholder interviews, and targeted workshops and working meetings.
  • Providing technical assessments of off-grid system designs, incl. analysis of costs and appropriateness of technical solutions.
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