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  1. Start writing!
    If you have practical information or experiences to share then just start writing a new article or edit an existing one. A wiki article will never be completed and is always work in progress, so do not think that your knowledge is not worth to be written down.
  2. Keep it short!
    Focus on the relevant information and avoid unnecessary empty phrases and passages like prefaces or acknowledgments. Instead of writing a long article rather try to split it into several interlinked shorter ones which will help the readers to quickly find the exact piece of information that they are looking for.
  3. Choose a precise title!
    Most users will find your article via a title search, so find a concise but meaningful title which reflects the article's subject as precise as possible.
  4. Structure your article!
    Give your article a useful structure by including headlines and bullet points.
  5. Design your article!
    Make your article visually more attractive for the reader by including informative tables, pictures and graphs.
  6. Link your articles!
    Instead of writing the same information again in your text (for example, definitions or procedures), simply link to existing articles which already explain the relevant point in detail. This will not only increase the information value of your article but also the likelihood of people finding it on energypedia.
  7. Categorize your article!
    All articles should be categorized with one or more category. This will help users to find your article and more generally will give energypedia an underlining structure.
  8. Keep editing articles!
    To continuously improve energypedia, its users have to fill content gaps, correct typing errors or change outdated information if they come across them. That is why editing articles is so important for the quality of a wiki.
  9. Be rational!
    While working collaboratively with others on an article you might disagree about some passages. Avoid constant reverting of other people's edits which will lead into edit wars. Rather start a discussion explaining your thinking and reasons for edits and allow others to response. Thereby keep in mind that you argue facts not personalities.
  10. Be polite!
    Above all, whatever you are doing - be it writing on somebody's wall or responding to a discussion - be always polite and treat your counterpart with respect. Even in disputes try to stay calm and work constructively towards agreement amongst all involved actors.


  1. Simple uploading of files!
    Rather summarize relevant content in a wiki article or link directly to a file on another homepage as energypedia is not a file sharing platform.
  2. Copy and paste!
    The advantage of energypedia is that it collects, summarizes and combines knowledge. Hence copy and paste of whole publications does not offer any additional value for energypedia readers (besides that it is probably an copyright violation). Rather ask yourself which parts of a publication are relevant and in which existing articles you might be able to integrate them (Don't forget to cite and reference correctly!).
  3. Links to closed systems!
    If you link to a file, make sure that it is an open (password unprotected) website since otherwise energypedia users will not be able to access these documents.
  4. Slang or colloquial language!
    Energypedia's claim is to offer quality information on renewable energies, do not let people think you have nothing important to tell by using sloppy expressions in your article.
  5. Unspecific titles!
    An overly unspecific title makes it very difficult for readers to identify if an article is interesting for them or not. 
  6. Arbitrary content!
    Energypedia aims at compiling information on renewable energy and all related issue (for example, social and environmental impacts). So think first if your content fits on this platform.
  7. Personal insults!
    Energypedia will not tolerate personal insults against other users or social groups in any form! Violations of this rule might lead to exclusion from energypedia!
  8. Edit wars!
    The ability to change articles on energypedia is a core advantage over ordinary web pages, however it can cause so-called edit wars when editors disagree about content and repeatedly rewrite each other's contributions. Such a series of back-and-forth reverts is very unconstructive for the whole community and destroys the working atmosphere amongst its users. If you realize that there is disagreement about content, do not just re-edit but rather start a discussion to solve the dispute in a civilized manner.