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Earlier this year we were asking you, the energypedia users, about your opinion. We were quite surprised by the amount of positive feedback. Of course, “without energypedia life would go on”, as one survey respondent stated. Nonetheless, for many people we are a valuable information source. The quotes of this year’s fundraising banner campaign will give you an insight into their views.
We do not need much – only 5 Euros per energypedia visitor in a single month is enough. For example, if each visitor in October had donated just 5 Euros, energypedia would have been financed for more than another year until beginning of 2017.
As an independent non-government organization, energypedia needs funds from people like you to maintain its independence and quality! To achieve our vision of free knowledge exchange and universal energy access for all, we need your help.

Donate now online via PayPal:


Transfer money to our German bank account:

energypedia UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Triodos Bank Deutschland
IBAN: DE47 5003 1000 1008 3930 08

Shop and donate:

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Find out more about energypedia's transparency!
Since 2013, energypedia is a non profit organization (registration number: HRB 96064) recocgnized by the German tax authorities (official confirmation). As a result, your donation is tax deductible in Germany. We are also committed to transparency. Hence, we signed the German "Initiative Transparent Civil Society" and publish key financial data.
Have a look at our FAQs for more information or contact us directly in case of any question! We will be happy to answer your queries!