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Energypedia offers its service and all information for free in order to increase the knowledge about renewable energies around the world. To achieve our vision of free knowledge exchange and universal energy access for all, we need experts who share their information but we also need financial support to keep running.

Energypedia is a fully independent non-governmental organization supported by financial contributions from private individuals, companies, implementing organisations and foundations. In order to maintain energypedia's independence and quality, we also need funds from people like you!

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Donate now online via PayPal:


Or directly transfer money to our bank account in Germany:

From Germany:

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With your donation you help to:

  1. Inform about the importance of clean energy access for human development and the existence of energypedia as a free knowledge sharing platform available to all people. Some 1.4 billion people worldwide living without access to electricity are dramatically hampered in their development. About 2.7 billion are cooking or heating with firewood or other biomass, with negative consequences for their health and the environment. This is an intolerable situation, we have to make people aware of.
  2. Support all energypedia users in their efforts to share their knowledge on We are there for our users to help them sharing their knowledge in the most efficient way. If you have any questions, simply contact us!
  3. Assure the quality of energypedia's content. Even though we encourage our users to correct mistakes and update information, a professional guidance is necessary to keep our set standards. As a result, we implement quality assurance measurements like maintenance boxes. Additionally, the ***** continuously looks out for little flaws and can be directly contacted in case of any questions.
  4. Implement knowledge sharing projects for free expecially involving people from developing countries. For example, we are currently developing a publication database with students from Mozambique in close collaboration with one of our cooperation partners.
  5. Promote the distribution of renewable energies through knowledge sharing, especially targeting remote regions without current access to modern energy sources. In the future we would like to expand our project work according to the wide range of possible activities defined in energypedia's charter.
  6. Run the platform in terms of hosting, software updates, backups, and last but not least to run our office.

Energypedia issues receipts for German residents on request for donations starting from 200€. For a donation receipt please send an email with your address to We send receipts at the end of every month.

Have a look at our FAQs for more information or contact us directly in case of any question! We will be more than happy to answer your queries!