Enhancing information for solar and wind energy technology deployment in Brazil

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Enhancing Information for Solar and Wind Energy Technology Deployment in Brazil

Title Enhancing Information for Solar and Wind Energy Technology Deployment in Brazil
Author Fernando Ramos Martins and Enio Bueno Pereira
Year 2011
Country Brazil
Type of Technology
Type of Document Political & Legal Framework
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Language(s) English
Abstract Brazil’s primary energy matrix is based on more than 47% of renewables, and more than 85% of its electricity is generated by hydro power sources. Despite this large fraction of renewable energy resources, less than 0.3% of the national energy supply comes from solar or wind sources. This paper presents a diagnostic review on the penetration of the solar and wind energy technologies in Brazil. It also includes a survey of the latest government policies and incentives for renewable energies deployment by entrepreneurs, industry and commercial and residential consumers. In addition, the paper analyses how to best meet the requirements for policy support and information technology to boost the deployment of solar technology and wind energy in Brazil. This study was mostly based on results of a widely distributed survey covering key issues, and also by personal interviews carried out with key stakeholders in order to better understand the issues highlighted in the survey responses. The study pointed out some of the main obstacles to effectively promote and improve government policies and actions for investment in solar and wind energy market in Brazil.

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