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Dispatchable & Flexible Solar Power (Live Online Course)
Infocus International Group
Online Seminars
  • Solar
  • Renewable Energy

2022/10/26 12:00 GMT+0
2022/10/31 15:00 GMT+0
  • Worldwide

Dates: 26 October – 31 October 2022 www.infocusinternational.com/dispatchable-solar


A business-focused training course designed to provide business developers with an accessible and concise, yet comprehensive understanding of how advanced utility-scale solar power projects are providing greater value to the industry, its investors and energy system planners alike.

‘Dispatchable’ solar power projects are crucial to the scalability of solar within energy systems, increasing its ability to replace conventional thermal power capacity while maintaining power system flexibility and resilience. Compared to traditional solar-only projects, new considerations include the components required and the project design, development and integration processes involved. Understanding the market drivers and new revenue opportunities that such hybrid, multi-technology projects create are key to making the business case.

This course will lead attendees through the technologies, processes and financial return and risk considerations for those involved in dispatchable solar project development, with a particular focus on solar + storage. Explanations will be provided in clear, business-friendly language accessible to non-engineers. If you need a valuable, up-to-the-minute and independent introduction to these crucial trends in the future development of solar power projects, this online course provides a unique learning opportunity.

Course Sessions 1. Market trends and business cases driving ‘dispatchable’ solar power 2. Integrating utility-scale solar power with battery storage 3. Hybrid projects, hydrogen integration and other solutions to dispatchable solar power 4. Economic variables and sizing of solar + storage projects

This course is scheduled to take place over 4 live online sessions using virtual learning technology.

For more information, please visit: www.infocusinternational.com/dispatchable-solar

To register/enquire, please contact: Emilia Mok Email: emilia[at]infocusevent.com

Tel: +65 6325 0210