Extension of PV Solar Park at Radio Pacis with 230 kWp

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Extension of PV Solar Park at Radio Pacis with 204 kWp

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Key Data

Radio Pacis
January 2021 - March 2022
Project Description
Radio Pacis installs new PV systems to upgrade its existing electricity generation. First, the steel rebar system is upgraded to support the new PV system, afterwards the system itself is installed and connected to the overall electricity grid. Additionally, battery systems are installed to ensure that the radio equipment has access to power. This allows Radio Pacis to continue its operations even if there is a power outage. By ensuring that Radio Pacis retains operability listeners can stay informed about current (emergency) news regardless of the national energy supply. Additionally, because of the already installed system, the extended solar park reaches 504 kWp and can also sustain the day-to-day needs of the regional referral hospital, other health units, small enterprises and shops in Arua (in total more than 250,000 people). This leads to better economic development in the area and even greater opportunities to expand the solar PV systems in the region.

In the past Radio Pacis became one of the first companies in Uganda to have a PV solar system connected to the grid with a bidirectional meter. This project aims to capitalize on the possibilities of solar power and to expand on the already installed system. In addition, Radio Pacis is in the unique position to not only directly benefit from Solar Power, but also to inform its listeners about the benefits of the installed PV systems. This in turn can lead to an overall increase in renewable energy systems through a large scale information campaign that other businesses do not have. Through its leading role in this field of solar energy usage, Radio Pacis can also successfully become a role model for renewable energy in the region. The topic already gathers interest from other institutions like Muni University and Radio Pacis increasingly attracts students for internships and further trainings on renewable energy and environment conservation.
GBE Component
Small Projects Fund
  • Mini-grids

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Country SPF
Geographic coordinates of project site
3° 1' 5.84" N, 30° 59' 29.87" E
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