Increasing Access to Clean Energy and Microfinance Products for Small-Producer Organisations

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Increasing Access to Clean Energy and Microfinance Products for Small-Producer Organisations

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Key Data

Fairtrade Foundation ; Practical Action, Fairtrade Africa
September 2020 - May 2022
Project Description
To enable more members of farming cooperatives to access financial products and use them to purchase solar energy systems, the project facilitates the development of microfinance products tailored to the target groups. Members of the cooperatives can purchase renewable energy systems and thus fuel a market for them. With the help of information campaigns, the project informs the members of the cooperatives about technologies and financial products and networks all actors with each other. All these measures combined contribute to more members using solar systems and in turn to an overall more robust energy supply in Uganda especially in rural areas.

The approach of this project differs from other similar activities through its core focus on placing farmer based small producer organizations (SPOs) at the centre of implementation, validating and leveraging the extraordinary potential of SPOs to connect and align huge numbers of rural, poor and isolated Ugandan farming households. The approach of working within existing farmer structures increases the likelihood of creating solid market links that last beyond the project's lifetime. In addition, the project has an important trust building component. As companies are more willing to trust bigger groups instead of individuals and individual frames are more willing to trust cooperatives instead of companies, the cooperative can leverage trust from both sides to build a better platform for communication an businisses.
GBE Component
Small Projects Fund
  • Productive Use
  • Community-based Approaches
  • Energy Access

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