Integrated Project for the Development of Local Skills

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Combining Training for Solar Technicians and Women in Agriculture to Foster Job Prospects in Rural Senegal

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Key Data

Une lumière dans la rue (ULDLR); Aide aux Femmes Africaines par la formation à l’Agro-écologie (AFAFA)
March 2022 - June 2023
Project Description
The project improves the employment prospects of Senegalese youth, by (1) providing vocational training in solar energy technologies; (2) facilitating the professional integration of the trained technicians in activities related to solar PV energy and finally, (3) supporting the beneficiary women in the development of income-generating activities related to agro-ecology. The project’s activities to achieve these results are hands-on trainings for future solar technicians with a focus on solar pumping, coaching to integrate newly trained youths into employment and creating links between solar water pumping and farming groups using agro-ecology. Specifically the solar technicians are selected from neighbouring communities and trained with a curriculum of 24 modules in which they learn the basics of solar installations. They then receive information about starting a solar business and are supported through developing a business plan and follow-up training by accredited trainers. Last but not least, some newly trained technicians can apply their knowledge by installing solar water pumps at agro-ecology groups that are supported by AFAFA.

The project achieves its objectives through a holistic approach combining vocational training, assistance in finding employment and opportunities for applying their acquired knowledge in the field. By including business development, the project ensures that the technicians can start a career not only as employees but also self-employed. In addition, the project has a strong focus on gender equality. Women gain additional knowledge through training in agro-ecology, and are direct beneficiaries via the use of solar energy in the field.
GBE Component
Small Projects Fund
  • Gender
  • Skills Development

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