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Link to a Headline

Instructions - Linking to Headlines

Sometimes it makes sense to link to a particular heading rather than to a whole article. Wikis allow its users to not only link to another wiki article but also to a particular heading within a wiki article. These links make it easier for users to jump straight to the relevant information.

1. Highlight the word(s) that will later on make up the link.

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2.Click the "Insert Link" symbol in the toolbar.

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2. A dialog window will appear. In the option, ”Define the wiki page for the link:” type the name of the desired article (search for an existing article by typing its title). After you find the respective article, insert a "#". The "#" will show all the headings within the wiki article. Choose the respective heading and click on "OK".

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3. Successfully linked words will appear in blue color whereas links without a valid target will appear in red color.

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4. Make sure to save your changes by clicking "Save page" at the bottom of the page.