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Monitoring of Solar Home System (SHS)

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Studies on SHS

Monitoring and Evaluation of Solar Home Systems. Experiences with applications of solar PV for households in developing countries (pdf, 1,11 MB) (by F.D.J. Nieuwenhout et al., ECN, September 2000; literature survey: inventory of experiences with solar photovoltaic applications for households in developing countries)

[:file:070529_shs_bangladesh_impacts.pdf|Electricity and Sustainable Development: Impacts of Solar Home Systems in Rural Bangladesh] (pdf, 4,01 MB) (diploma thesis by Michael Blunck, May 2007)

CDM and SHS in Bangladesh (pdf, 6.13 MB) Master Thesis by Susanne Schwan, 2010

Impact of Solar Electrification of Health Centres in Uganda (pdf, 542 KB) PREEEP, September 2009
Impact of SHS on Households and SMEs in Uganda (pdf, 913 KB) PREEEP, September 2009 

Impact Evaluation EnDev Nicaragua – SHS component (Executive Summary doc, 32 KB) August 2010

EnDev Monitoring and Evaluation

EnDev Wiki Monitoring and Evaluation (see EnDev Wiki)

Overview of Impact Studies

EnDev Report on Impacts