Opportunity - Call for applications: Our energy future: Innovation and participation to reach our climate targets

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Call for applications: Our energy future: Innovation and participation to reach our climate targets
IKEM Academy: Energy and Climate
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  • Climate Change
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  • Germany
It is our pleasure to announce that registration for the 19th annual IKEM Academy: Energy and Climate is now open! During this year's IKEM Academy "Our energy future: Innovation and participation to reach our climate targets", we look forward to once again welcoming participants to Berlin for site visits, interactive workshops and expert presentations.

Covering five days from 11 to 15 July, the event will open with a look at the state of the global energy transition, governance and challenges, and the need for socially just transformation process. The programme will then narrow its scope to address the potential of the energy transition to empower people, investigating citizen-driven climate litigation and the importance of locally produced green energy. And on the last day we will focus on sector coupling and sustainable mobility and conclude a co-creative workshop that proposes a roadmap to a sustainable energy future.


The IKEM Academy adopts an interdisciplinary perspective that examines the social, policy, technological, regulatory and economic aspects of major issues and admits a limited number of participants with relevant academic and professional experience in the field, ensuring rich and insightful exchanges.

Spaces are limited, so we encourage early applications.

You can find an outline of the programme below. Further details are available on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and as always, don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or remarks.

Monday 11 July – Energy Utopia: From imagination to transformation

  • Introduction of the 2022 participants and agenda
  • Energy utopia: Imagination as a driver of change
  • Visit to the Futurium: House of Futures
  • Welcome dinner

Tuesday 12 July – Communication and creativity: New tools to meet the climate challange

  • Word of welcome and intodruction to IKEM Academy 2022
  • Participatory workshop: Creative collaboration for 100% renewable energy
  • Excursion: Interview and visit - Teut Windprojekte
  • Excursion: Brauhaus Neulich

Wednesday 13 July – Energy transition worldwide: Taking stock

  • Are we on track? Emissions, decarbonisation and the global green recovery
  • From receding glaciers to Arctic wildfires: Climate governance in a changing landscape
  • Green hydrogen: German & EU strategy in light of energy security and climate concerns
  • Money talks: Green investments to reach our climate targets
  • Solar power and gender equality
  • Transformation through innovation: rural empowerment

Thursday 14 July – Bottom-up drivers of action, innovation and empowerment

  • Social innovation in the energy transition: People-centred participation models
  • Climate science communication: Engaging through innovative formats
  • Solar power in Nigeria: Electrifying communities and empowering people
  • Energy innovation in Brazil: High hopes for hydrogen
  • Legal power to the people: The rise of the climate lawsuit
  • Keeping it local: Regional green electricity for Brandenburg & Berlin
  • Local green energy: Drivers and obstacles

Friday 15 July – Beyond electricity: Green innovation for an integrated world

  • The virtual power plant: Heat, hydrogen, and green electricity
  • Innovating offshore wind: Energy islands and hydrogen
  • Lightening round: sustainable mobility and the urban energy transition
    • Driving change: Integrated sustainable mobility solutions
    • Bikes and the city
    • Urban mobility: Electric mobility as a service
  • Our energy future: Collaborative roadmap to reach our climate targets
  • IKEM Academy farewell barbecue and summer celebration
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