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Opportunity - Call for participation

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Call for participation
Call for Papers/Abstracts
ISREE-14, the 14th International Symposium on Renewable Energy Education will take place in conjunction with SWC 2021 and represents the educational track for the Congress. ISREE-14 explores the latest developments and new initiatives in renewable energy education worldwide and discusses best ways to educate the general public on pathways toward a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and just world. ISREE-14 encourages schools, universities, research centers, and training groups to collaborate in educating and training both in technical and in related interpersonal, soft skills necessary for creating a strong renewable energy workforce.

To submit an abstract for ISREE-14 please refer to the SWC 2021 abstract submission here. All abstracts must be submitted by 20 March 2021 through the SWC2021 online abstract submission system and the ISREE-14 track needs to be selected when submitting the abstract.

If you would like to organize a forum for ISREE-14, please submit your proposal via email to by 1 April 2021. Learn all about SWC 2021 Forum Proposals here.