PAUWES – LEAP-RE Project coordinator

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PAUWES – LEAP-RE Project coordinator

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Job title
PAUWES – LEAP-RE Project coordinator
  • Algeria
Maghreb and Middle East
Type of job
permanent contract

Energy Access
Language of description
Job description
Under the authority of the Director of PAUWES, the selected candidate will be responsible for the coordination of PAUWES contribution to the overall LEAP-RE program coordination and the SETADISMA project, and shall carry out the following tasks:

● Coordinate PAUWES contribution to overall LEAP RE coordination (WP2-WP6) and the project ● SETADISMA. This includes content generation and delivery, supervision and management of resources (financial and personnel) for the implementation of the activities ● Undertake all required administrative tasks such as implementation, communication with partners and donors, monitoring and reporting (achievement, progress and accounting) ● Work closely with the project partners and ensure the proper delivery of quality data and outputs in the frame of the project ● Develop concepts for the acquisition of third-party funding and contribute to proposal writing in the frame of fundraising activities of the institute in the thematic area of energy, and to relevant teaching activities at the institute ● Contribute to outreach and integration activities to establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders in research and research policy on the continent ● Support the integration of PAUWES in African and international research networks ● Contribute to capacity building and training activities at PAUWES particularly the development and implementation of the training program from project results ● Publish research reports and scientific articles as per the requirement of the project and for dissemination to the wider research community ● Support the implementation of PAUWES research agenda ● Prepare status and management reports and other information as required by the directorate of the Institute and the donors

● Take up related duties as required.
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