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Interviewer data

Organisation Practical Action
Job title
Email address

Household data

Age 32
No. of people in household 3
Community or city of household Chaupirume-Chaupiloma Click for an overview of the data from the specific community.
Country Peru TE Click for an overview of the data from the specific country.
Coordinates of the houshold

Total Energy Access (TEA) Assessment

Lighting assessment
L1: Do you have a fixed or portable electric light that you use regularly in your house? Yes
L2: IF YES – Do you use this light for more than 4 hours per day? No
Cooking and water heating assessment
CW1: Do you mostly use liquid or gas fuel or electricity for cooking? No/Don't know
CW2: IF NO OR DON’T KNOW – Do you have an “improved” solid fuel cookstove which uses less fuel than an open fire? No/Don't know
CW3: Do you have a chimney or smoke hood over your cookstove or fire? No
CW4: Does your household spend less than 30 minutes a day collecting firewood? No
Space heating assessment
S1: Is your house warm enough all year round without heating? Yes
S2: IF NO – do you have a purpose-built heating device or heating stove? No
Cooling assessment
C1: Do you use an appliance to keep food cool in your house most of the time? (e.g. refrigerator, coolbox) No
C2: Is your house cool enough all year round without cooling? Yes
C3: IF NO – Do you use an air cooling device? (eg an electric fan or air conditioning) No
Information and communications assessment
IC1: Do you have a fixed or mobile phone in your house? No
IC2: Do you use a radio or TV in your house? Yes
IC3: Do you have internet access in your house? No

Energy Supply Index (ESI)

Household fuels 1 Using solid fuel in an open/three-stone fire
Electricty 3 Own limited power access for multiple home applications (eg Solar home systems or power-limited off-grid)
Mechanical power 0 No household access to tools or mechanical advantages

Minimum standards Total Energy Access (TEA)

Minimum standard lighting L1 = Yes AND L2 = Yes No
Minimum standard cooking 1 CW1 = Yes OR (CW2 = Yes AND CW4 = Yes) No
Minimum standard cooking 2 CW1 = Yes OR CW2 = Yes No
Minimum standard cooking 3 CW1 = Yes OR (CW2 = Yes AND CW3 = YES) No
Minimum standard Space heating S1 = Yes OR S2 = Yes Yes
Minimum standard Cooling 1 C1 = Yes No
Minimum standard Cooling 2 C2 = Yes OR C3 = Yes Yes
Minimum standard Information and Communication 1 IC1 = Yes OR IC3 = Yes No
Minimum standard Information and Communication 2 IC2 = Yes OR IC3 = Yes Yes

Total Energy Access achieved?
(all minimum standards must be met)
TEA Energy Service Standards met