Program Assistant, USAID Power Africa

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Program Assistant, USAID Power Africa

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Job title
Program Assistant, USAID Power Africa
USAID Power Africa
Washington DC
  • United States of America
North America
Type of job
permanent contract

Renewable Energy
Language of description
Job description
  • Programmatic Analysis and Reporting 70%
  • Establishes and maintains understanding of Power Africa’s portfolio and roles and responsibilities of Power Africa staff. Establishes and maintains relationships with USAID staff beyond Power Africa Coordinator’s Office who are engaged in energy programs in Africa.
  • Responds to requests from Power Africa leadership and immediate supervisor concerning programs under the Power Africa Energy Office. Gains an understanding of Power Africa programs so as to be able to respond to calls for information. * Develops knowledge management systems or products drawing upon multiple Power Africa data sources.
  • Communicates with appropriate colleagues within Power Africa Coordinator’s Office and USAID to capture necessary information.
  • Reads incoming correspondence, publications, regulations, and directives that may affect the organization. Determines the ones that can be acted upon personally and takes necessary action.
  • Obtains clarification of instructions from originating offices or appropriate focal points when needed. Brings significant items in reports, files and correspondence to the supervisor’s attention.
  • Contributes to USAID and Power Africa Coordinator’s office reporting and planning processes by collecting, maintaining and analyzing data to complete necessary standard reports, forms or processes.
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