Project Manager for the Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Climate Resilience and Energy Transition program

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Project Manager for the Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Climate Resilience and Energy Transition program

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Job title
Project Manager for the Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Climate Resilience and Energy Transition program
  • Mozambique
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
permanent contract
Climate Change
Language of description
Job description
In Mozambique, through the cooperation portfolio 2023-2028, Enabel aims at supporting the country in achieving its low carbon, just, and inclusive development pathway and energy transition by fostering a multi-stakeholder integrated approach based on local needs, national priorities, and global trends.

In particular, the portfolio contains two programs that aim at supporting Mozambican authorities and communities (including women, youth, and other vulnerable groups) to engage together more actively in cross-sectoral coordination focusing on improved climate-proofed public services, enabling policies and initiatives for the energy transition.

The first program (Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Climate Resilience and Energy Transition) aims to develop the local experience and expertise in climate-proof public services related to losses and damages, access to energy, access to water as well as waste management, and circular economy to improve the living conditions of the local communities on the one hand and, on the other hand, to feed the overarching component related to policy dialogue.

Job description

As a Project Manager, you report to the Resident Representative and supervise a team of experts across different results areas within the first program of the bilateral portfolio. You are also responsible for ensuring the technical quality of the project through a good knowledge of the issues and a good partnership dynamic - cordial and transparent - focused on achieving development results.


You work at Enabel as an intervention manager; You are responsible for the excellent execution of the project (content, planning, budget, quality); You coordinate the realization of the activities to achieve the project objectives; You provide the necessary input and information for the further development of portfolio strategy choices, methods, and tools to optimize country portfolio execution; You ensure the dialogue with national and international institutions and organizations and participate in the strategy dialogue at the sector and technical level, putting emphasis on the collaboration between government and non-government stakeholders active under different results areas; You support the persons indicated to lead the change process; You contribute to the capacity development of partner organizations; You coordinate the learning process on how an intervention contributes to the development of the sector; You lead the team placed under your hierarchical responsibility; You ensure that relevant results information is available for monitoring and evaluation to allow monitoring of performance, decision-making, learning, and reporting. Your profile

Required Qualifications

Master’s degree in Waste Management, Energy Management, Water Infrastructure, and Management or a similar discipline. Required experience

Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in steering international development projects; Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in energy access/transition, waste management, water infrastructures, or similar fields; Minimum one relevant professional experience outside your country of origin; Any experience as a team manager; A previous experience in Mozambique is an asset; Experience in several projects is an asset. Required skills and knowledge

In-depth knowledge of project management methodologies; Thorough understanding of at least one of the specific areas of expertise indicated in the required qualifications; Monitoring and evaluation competencies; Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills; Ability to develop collaborative relations and partnerships with multiple stakeholders; You are result oriented;

You are fluent in spoken and written English. Considering the working language of Mozambique, knowledge of Portuguese is preferred.
Application deadline
  • Mozambique

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