Publication - Baseline Assessment on Electronic Waste

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Baseline Assessment on Electronic Waste
giz in cooperation with sofies
Boris de Fautereau, Joséphine Courtois, Alexander Clarke, Ruweyda Stillhart
Published in
Access to safe and sustainable energy is crucial to help refugees stay safe and rebuild their lives. In the ‘Global Strategy for Sustainable Energy 2019-2024’, UNHCR states that “all refugees, host communities and support structures should be able to satisfy their energy needs in a sustainable manner, without fear or risks to their health, well-being and personal security, while ensuring the least possible environmental impact” (UNHCR, 2019). Sustainable and cost-efficient energy solutions are recognised as being able to increase the self-reliance of vulnerable people and release social tensions. Therefore, giving access to safe sustainable energy to those in displacement settings and surrounding communities is of paramount importance.