Set Up your Preferences

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Set Up your Preferences


1. Log into energypedia with your username and password.

2. Go to the top of the page and click on your user icon. A window will pop up. Click on "User Profile" in the menu.

A window will pop up. Click on "Preferences" in the menu.

3. You will now be directed to your preferences page where you can edit your preferences in your user profile, appearance, editing, recent changes, your watchlist, notifications, uploading, and Semantic MediaWiki

4. After you are done updating your preferences, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

User Profile

In this tab you can check which groups you have joined, the number of edits you have made, and the date when you registered. You can also edit your name and pronouns, change your password, define a signature, select another language for the system, etc.


In this tab you can select the appearance of the energypedia layout, select a format for how dates and times will be displayed, select your time zone, determine a limit on file sizes, etc. Energypedia Preferences Appearance.png


In this tab you can activate and deactivate several editing options, such as editing pages by double clicking, change default settings, warning pop-ups when leaving an edit page with unsaved changes, enabling the visual editor, showing previews before saving, etc.

Energypedia Preferences Editing.png

Recent Changes

In this tab you can select how and how long you want your recent changes to be shown.

Energypedia Preferences Recent Changes.png


In this tab you can select what you want to add to the watchlist. You can also see the contents of your watchlist, clear them, decide how long you want to keep items in your watchlist, etc.

To keep track of the articles you have written and edited and see who has worked on them, you can choose to add them to your watchlist. You will receive a notification when there is a change in an article you are watching. For instructions on how to add an article to your watchlist click here.

Energypedia Preferences Watchlist.png


In this tab you can select how often to get notifications, which ones you want to receive, and how you want to be notified (in your profile or by e-mail). Energypedia Preferences Notification.png


In this tab you can change the default license of your uploads.

Energypedia Preferences Uploading.png

Semantic MediaWiki

In this section you can enable extra features from the Semantic Mediawiki extension.

Energypedia Preferences Semantic Mediawiki.png