Solar Boost 4 a Sustainable Future

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Solar Boost 4 a Sustainable Future

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Key Data

Young Africa International
April 2022 - June 2023
Project Description
To create awareness for the potential use of solar energy, Young Africa’s SB4SF project operates through three components. First, it trains 225 youths from rural areas in the installation, repair and maintenance of solar energy equipment. Second, it provides a basic training to 60 small and medium sized local companies on how solar power systems can be utilised within businesses. Both measures aim to promote the use of solar technology in remote settings, to create employment opportunities for those participating in the trainings and enable them to increase their revenues. At the core of the project lies a specially converted and equipped four-wheel drive truck which allows the Young Africa team to reach even the most underserved areas. Third, the final component of the project comprises an awareness campaign targeting the general population in the different regions. The campaign showcases different household solutions that can be powered by solar energy and sensitizes the community with regards to quality characteristics of solar products. In parallel, the campaign also invites regional stakeholders and sector representatives for exchange events.

Many African economies have identified the need for more and better qualified and skilled professionals, but their efforts towards developing and supporting especially vocational education are still insufficient. The SB4SF project bridges the gap between the enormous potential for solar energy in Namibia and the lack of awareness and trained professionals. Through a mobile training and outreach campaign, it brings this knowledge to rural regions where it is needed most.
GBE Component
Small Projects Fund
  • Skills Development
  • Business Development Support

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