Solar Powered Irrigation in Mozambique : After Sales Services

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After sales service is a key part of the solar irrigation systems (SPIS) value chain for long term sustainability and for customer satisfaction. It increases the trust in the system as help is available in case of any technical difficulties. Usually after-sales services include:

  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts in case of damage
  • Repair and maintenance services after the system is sold
  • Easy access to the services mentioned under the original warranty or guarantee contract
  • Training for use and maintenance of the system (when necessary)

The after-sales services can be provided either by phone or in-person field visit.

Experience in Mozambique

Currently, there is no after-sales services offered by companies in Mozambique. Most of the SPIS companies collaborate with donor organization and only supply the systems but do not offer dedicated after-sales services.

Experience from other Countries

Mozambique can learn a lot from the neighboring countries like Kenya where the SPIS companies provide dedicated solar irrigation support.