Strengthening post-harvest processes in Africa using improved solar drying

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Project title

Strengthening post-harvest processes in Africa using improved solar drying

Project country/region

East Asia & Pacific - Philippines
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Carribean
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
☐ South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa - Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya

Project organisation

University of Hohenheim funded by GIZ ‘Sustainable Energy for Food – Powering Agriculture’

Project description

For ensuring and maintaining high product quality, drying is one of the most important postharvest operations in Africa. Fluctuating weather conditions and contamination by insects and rodents are preeminent problems leading to quality deterioration and postharvest losses. The University of Hohenheim has developed an Inflatable Solar Drier for grain products like rice and maize suitable for SMEs, and Modular Solar Box Dryer for high-value commodity suitable for smallholder farmers or cooperatives.


The Solar Bubble Dryer was developed in the Philippines in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Hohenheim University and GrainPro Inc. The tunnel dryer uses solar thermal heat to dry grains and protect them from dirt and animals. It has been piloted in Kenya, Burkina Faso and Ghana. GrainPro Inc. is now selling a commercial version in different regions in the world.

Project related to following sources of energy


☐ Biomass

☐ Biofuel

☐ Biogas

☐ Wind

☐ Geo-Thermal

☐ Hydro

☐ Energy Efficiency

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Commodity Groups


☐ Fruits and vegetables

☐ Nuts and berries

☐ Forage

☐ Dairy products

☐ Meat products

☐ Oil Seeds

☐ Roots and Tubers

☐ Eggs

☐ Pulses

☐ Fiber Crops

☐ Forestry

☐ Sugars

☐ Stimulants

☐ Spices

☐ Other: /

Project primarily related to the following Agricultural Value Chain Steps

☐ Mechanization

☐ Efficiency of Operation


☐ Transportation

Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Temperature

☐ Mechanical Sorting

☐ Preservation

☐ Other: /

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